The rapid development in many technology areas poses new challenges for the electronics and the electronic environment. Sensitivity to injuries related to electronics has increased and several critical areas are affected, such as the automotive industry, the defense industry, the healthcare, telecom and the IT industry are some examples.

IoT’s full-scale vision means that electronic systems, both wireless and non-wireless, will be co-located throughout the community. The new technology will affect all of us, and the expectations on the electronics, and reliability are very high. The electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) area will be radically affected, and the challenge may be the largest for the EMC area since its inception about 100 years ago.

Ignoring EMC, or environmental technology, as part of a design process can lead to serious problems with regard to cost, reconstruction, responsibility etc. Testing products is expensive, complex and adding costs and delays if not foreseen properly.

Therefore, the need to upgrade their existing knowledge and to supplement with new ones is more important than ever.

We have published the magazine Electronic Environment since 1994. This means that we monitored the areas EMC, ESD, electrical safety and environmental engineering for electronics with educational materials, actual technical information and research results for more than 20 years. Over the years, we have acquired an exclusive network of researchers, lecturers and writers around the world. Therefore, we can offer practical handbooks in high-tech electronics and technology areas that are hotter now than ever.

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